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Rising Stars Challenge

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Big ups to the NBA for making this year’s Rising Stars Challenge actually exciting. Two coaches: Charles Barkley and Shaq, each drafting their respective teams to face off in the game. The two chose from a pool of 20 Rookie and Sophomore candidates (thankfully the NBA added Jeremy Lin in there). Here are the two rosters:


Shaq’s Superstars                             Chuck’s Young Bucks

-Blake Griffin(Clippers)               -DeMarcus Cousins(Kings)

-Greg Monroe(Pistons)               -Derrick Williams(T-Wolves)

-Markieff Morris(Suns)               -Paul George(Pacers)

-Ricky Rubio(T-Wolves)               -Kyrie Irving(Cavs)

-Jeremy Lin(Knicks)                    -MarShon Brooks(Nets)

-Kemba Walker(Bobcats)             -John Wall(Wizards)

-Norris Cole(Heat)                             -Gordon Hayward(Jazz)

-Brandon Knight(Pistons0           -Tiago Splitter(Spurs)

-Landry Fields(Knicks)                   -Evan Turner(Sixers)

-Tristan Thompson(Cavs)            -Kawhi Leonard(Spurs)

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