The Staff

These are the people making it happen. These pictures will be each writer’s “signature” at the end of their post.

Contributor, multi-sport expert, and Super Smash Bros Champion: Dalton Barker








Contributor, multi-sport expert, and laser-tag gamemaster: Aleksi Mowinski






Contributor, Nascar expert, and Shuffleboard guru: Jimmy Luehrs





Contributor, Soccer expert, and Kickball Legend: Donald O’Mahony




Contributor, MLB expert, and the Maraca player for Maroon 5: Alex Millon





Contributor, NBA expert, and hula-hoop fiend: Mujtaba Elgoodah





Contributor and member of the Norwegian bobsled team: Zach Altschuler






Co-Editor, contributor, and expert on soccer moms: Ricky Bassett







Contributer and the only man to run the Iditarod: Adam Pope





Contributer, Fellow Blogger, and the world’s fourth strongest man: Brian Skinnell







Photographer, Contributor, and Ladies man: Griffin Harrington






Writer and the only No-Handed Dunker to ever play the game of basketball: Ian Holleran






Co-Editor, Contributer, and Professional Street Fighter: Matt Fehr







Founder, Editor, and Low-Post Presence: Ben Simpson

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