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How the NBA Rebounded from the Lockout so Quickly

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It’s funny how short our memories are. The NBA, on the verge of collapse just over three and a half months ago, has roared to the front of the sports spotlight, only the amazingly popular NFL ahead of it in sports news across the country. How has it rebounded so quickly?
Last Season
Last season the NBA rebounded from over a decade of declining interest in the league after the glory years of the early 80’s to the mid 90’s. Slumping TV ratings, the lack of the superstar power of the previous two decades, as well as the lack of big time teams in many of the big time markets, didn’t help the NBA in its post-Jordan hangover. Last season changed all that. With the greatest free agent class in recent memory before last season, as well as much of the great talent in the big markets, the hype before last season was absolutely incredible. The season (and postseason as well) were a classic that will go down as one the greatest seasons ever. TV ratings were through the roof the entire season, as anxious fans (new and old) watched the new look Heat, Bulls, Knicks, etc. almost every weekend to the some of the highest TV ratings ever. There was no way that even a lockout (short of a whole season gone) could have stopped that momentum.





Admit it. You were hooked onto the NBA season before it began all because of the Chris Paul saga. The best true (and oft-injured) point guard in the league became the subject of immense controversy when it looked like the NBA-owned and run Hornets had traded him to the Lakers in a blockbuster deal that got the Lakers the (young) point guard they needed to win ring #6 for Kobe. However, David Stern shot down the trade setting off a media firestorm. Paul would end up in LA though, albeit to the normally hapless Clippers. It is now “Hip to be Clip” unlike any time in their history. Paul is a top 5 MVP candidate and has transformed the Clippers into “Lob City” along with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.
Dwight Howard






As big as the Chris Paul trade, Dwight Howard’s potential trade may be even bigger. For the entire season, Dwight Howard rumors for potential landing spots have also helped the NBA out of its short slump. From talks of him joining the Nets, Lakers, Clippers, etc. fans of the league have been intrigued by all the possibilities that a Dwight Howard trade brings. For GMs and fans, bringing the best big man in the league to your city will almost certainly help the franchises prospects, adding the perennial defensive player of the year will never hurt. Orlando is in a tough situation though. They probably want to trade him after the All-Star game, considering they are hosting it this year. They wouldn’t want a man who would easily be an All-Star in either league coming back to Orlando as a member of another team. Talk about bad PR…
Not too much to analyze here, as this year has seen amazing production out LeBron, Kobe, Durant, etc. With so many star players playing up to their potential, this year has been about as smooth transition form a lockout as any. But one special superstar has stolen our hearts this year and become the NBA’s version, of well… I don’t know if we have even seen anything like this in nearly any other sport…

Jeremy Lin
Seriously, look all over all forms of media. My analysis wouldn’t bring anything new to the table. Heck he even made the cover of Time.

Jeremy Lin

By Zach Altschuler

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