Friday, February 17th, 2012...11:17 PM

Ultimate Tazer Ball

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Whilst perusing through the internets on a lazy friday afternoon, I stumbled upon this here video of grown men tazing each other for sport.  Healthy exercise? No.  Entertaining?  Hell yes.

What I can gather from the video is that there are two teams with four players each that line up on opposite sides of the playing field.  When signaled to start (presumably by cannon shot or something else that is equally as badass as the game) all 8 players charge to the center of the field where a giant soccer ball awaits them.  The player toughest enough to survive all the tazers grabs the ball and proceeds to carry it to the goal where it is either kicked, punched, or thrown in.

My only question about this is: how can it possibly be legal here in the US?

By Ricky Bassett

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